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Our worldwide teams help you get the news to your audience

Whenever and wherever the story is happening, we help you get broadcast-ready immediately. We set up temporary facilities for broadcasters and provide immediate solutions so correspondents can start reporting as soon as the story breaks. Our live event teams get you to the heart of the action with live positions, camera crews and editors worldwide.

Ready wherever the news breaks

We deploy immediately when news breaks. Our on-the-ground teams provide immediate broadcast solutions, so correspondents can start reporting straight away in the best live positions, operational support and worldwide delivery via our satellite and fiber networks.

Local and technical experts

Hire our camera crews, editors and production workspace. Tap into our local knowledge or contact local fixers while on location.

Broadcast Live

Report as soon as the story breaks with our global network of permanent and temporary facilities. Link back to your newsroom using our satellite and fiber network.

Custom live shots

Book an experienced journalist to report live on camera from worldwide events and breaking news.

Additional content

Improve your story with additional AP video, text and photo content on-site.

Operational support

Whether you need help with accreditation, workspace, or event schedule, we provide you with the support you need so you can focus on the story.

Experts in major news events

We combine a wealth of international experience with invaluable local knowledge so you get as much support as you need wherever you are working in the world. We are expert at building tailored facilities to accommodate any broadcast needs. Let us deal with your accreditation, workspace, and event schedule, so you can stay focused on the story.

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