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Online Video

Your audience is online. Are you?

Get AP video for online use.We deliver high-quality, up-to-the-minute video content from around the world that will keep viewers coming back to your site for more.

Choose from hundreds of clips per month in a variety of formats or live streams of major events. We have the video you need to expand your online presence and increase monetization.

*The statistics below come from Livestream, eMarketer and HubSpot, respectively.
  • 56 percent

    of most-watched live video is breaking news
  • 73 minutes

    of digital video consumed daily
  • 45 percent

    of consumers want to see more video

Drive digital traffic with more video

Access video in the formats that work for you - from hundreds of clips a day to live streams - on the topics that attract audiences and advertisers alike.


Keep viewers on your site longer with live feeds of major events as they're happening, from breaking news to red carpets, get guaranteed and uninterrupted coverage, running as long as the story continues.

Breaking news

Wherever news happens, we'll be there delivering the engaging video coverage digital audiences want to find. 


Get clips of the interviews and insight that only AP can deliver to give your audience their ultimate celebrity fix. 


Complete any story with footage from our video archive dating to 1895.

Explore the Indian Ocean

Access EXCLUSIVE live video coverage as scientists in two-person submersibles undertake research at depths of up to 300 metres off the coast of the Seychelles.


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