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2018 US Midterm Elections

Give your audience unrivalled coverage of the U.S. midterm elections

American voters take to the polls again on Nov. 6 to cast ballots that will determine which party controls the Senate, pick a new House of Representatives and elect governors in three dozen states.

AP will provide robust multi-format coverage leading up to the vote, on election day and on what it all means once the votes are counted.

The day after the election we will cover post-election effects on key issues, and what the outcome means both for U.S. President Trump and for 2020.

AP staff interview President Trump

Text coverage

- In the runup to Nov. 6, AP will publish stories on early voting, tight U.S. House and Senate races, and key ballot measures, as well as Election Day explainers
- Election Day coverage will include analyses on how the outcome will affect the next two years of the Trump presidency and how the results may alter the political landscape for the 2020 presidential election
- Data from AP VoteCast, the new election survey that tells the story of who wins on Election Day, will highlight the decisions made by Americans as they decided whether to vote, for whom to vote and why

Video coverage

- Access video edits previewing races key to determining control of the U.S. House and Senate
- Key coverage will include voting and voter reaction, election night rallies and big picture analysis, including from select states that will determine the balance of power in Congress
- AP political reporters will provide on-camera analysis, including the impact the results will have on the final two years of President Donald Trump’s first term and the 2020 presidential race, as well as results from AP VoteCast

Live video coverage

- AP’s four channels of live coverage will include voting at polling locations in several U.S. states, campaign rallies and voter reaction
- Appearances by President Donald Trump and congressional leadership will be broadcast live, as well as key U.S. Senate races in select states
- Live beauty shots of the White House and Capitol Hill will also be provided

Photo coverage

- Follow the story as AP photojournalists in every U.S. state cover the voting process from start to finish
- Access photos from election night rallies and polling places across the country, as well as coverage of all new members of the U.S. House and Senate, select incumbents, and winners and losers in the most competitive races
- Engage your audience with photos of each key moment captured by our award-winning team, either fast-filed or delivered in real time

Interactive results maps

Engage your audience with interactive HTML5 maps that integrate with your digital and broadcast platforms.

  • Results for the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and State Governors
  • National, state and county-level results
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Simple delivery via embed code
  • Support for multiple languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French

Create custom graphics

  • Produce powerful graphics and applications using AP's live feed of raw results data

  • Access results via API in JSON and XML formats, and in ANPA via FTP

  • Incorporate decades of historical results data from past election races

Why work with AP?


In 2016, AP called 4,653 contested races with 99.9% accuracy.


AP employs over 5,000 people to count election results, so you get the results fast.


AP is the only source of verified U.S. national election results anywhere in the world.

A resident arrives to cast her vote at a polling station at the Town Hall in Kennebunk, Maine.

Counting the vote

Starting before dawn and continuing for the next 36 hours or more, thousands of people work full time on AP’s behalf to report on the midterm election.

Vote count stringers and vote entry clerks will count the vote, while AP staff in the states call the races — all part of a precisely calibrated plan designed to report election results accurately.

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A counter sorts ballots on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012 in Montpelier, Vt.

How we report the results

We collect and verify U.S. election returns in every county, parish, city and town across the country, covering races down to the legislative level in every state and declaring winners in over 5,000 election contests.

It's an essential process that requires dedicated people and documented expertise, and we have both.

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Captivate your audiences with coverage from our live positions in key locations for the U.S. midterm elections

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