Best of the Week

Tokyo bureau delivers top-tier coverage on two of the biggest stories in years, massive quake and fiery plane disaster

Jan. 12, 2024


Best of the Week

Team shines spotlight on underage Rohingya girls forced into abusive marriages

Dec. 22, 2023


Best of the Week

Photo-driven Aral Sea project gives voice to underrepresented community affected by climate change

Dec. 15, 2023


Best of the Week

As more of the world thirsts, luxury water becoming fashionable among elite

Dec. 1, 2023


Best of the Week

AP Bangkok bureau quick to scene after Thailand mall shooting to deliver all-format coverage

Oct. 23, 2023


Best of the Week

Using a nearly disappeared homegrown art form to document life in Afghanistan

Sep. 29, 2023


Best of the Week

AP gets exclusive images of Kim Jong Un’s train at border between Russia and North Korea

Sep. 22, 2023


Best of the Week

AP stands out in covering the first trip to Mongolia by a pope

Sep. 8, 2023


Best of the Week

Two exclusive sexual harassment stories break through secrecy veils

Sep. 1, 2023


Best of the Week

AP only agency to capture images of North Korea’s first post-COVID sports delegation

Aug. 25, 2023


Best of the Week

Coordination across time zones yields top coverage of Korean border escape

Jul. 28, 2023


Best of the Week

India team delivers compelling, all-format coverage of grueling heatwave 

Jun. 30, 2023

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