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AP Content Services is the content marketing division of The Associated Press, the essential global news network. The Content Services team helps companies increase brand awareness, enhance consumer engagement and drive sales and audience acquisition. Leverage the expertise and capabilities of AP Content Services to create multiformat custom content, deliver that content directly to your target audience and amplify your message through our direct-to-consumer advertising and social channels.

Effective Storytelling

Whether it’s a photo shoot in Los Angeles, a video shoot in rural Congo, a live interview in Jakarta or a story about a press event in Paris, the Content Services network of freelance photographers, videographers and writers can bring your message to the world.

We’ll help you create or curate content that increases brand awareness, builds user engagement and generates more revenue. Count on us to handle all the logistics — from managing production to delivering the accurate and timely execution of your campaign.

Services are provided by content marketing specialists whose experience will help guide your successful program. The Content Services group is separate from the AP newsroom and the content created does not involve AP editorial staff.


Use our unrivaled international distribution network to push your content to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and websites worldwide. Optimize your content with real-time feedback, data and insights.


  • Take advantage of content placement on major media portals.
  • Secure premium native and display ad placement on AP’s consumer-facing news platforms: AP Mobile, our award-winning consumer news app; and Big Story, our flagship desktop site.
  • Extend your reach with native and display advertising across AP's extensive member network of news sites.
  • Highlight your content using AP’s paid social promotion service.
  • Deliver brand images via apimages.com to 150,000 users, including photo editors, producers and content creators.
  • Brand an online multimedia newsroom, hosted by Content Services, including your corporate logo, event details, press releases, photos and videos.

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The Content Services group is separate from the AP newsroom and the content created does not involve AP editorial staff.

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From one-off assignments to strategic relationships, Content Services has the knowledge, resources and credibility to tell your story to exactly the right people.

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