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Enhance your listeners’ news experience with our extensive selection of audio reporting

From live newscasts and special reports to raw clips and historical soundbites, create a rich, engaging experience. Get timely and accurate reporting to complete your broadcast, podcast or livestream.

Our audio solutions

Give your audience the best selection of the sounds and newscasts they want to hear

Firefighter walking through a smoking field

Live news

Get audio straight from wherever news is breaking around the world from our team of on-location reporters.

Cars in traffic

Packaged updates

Choose from three-minute newscasts, one-minute updates, special reports, actualities, reporter wraps and long-form programming to fit your schedule.

The Rockettes standing on top of the Radio City Music Hall sign


Our unrivaled audio archive includes clips and soundbites for historical and comparison items, whether online or over the air.

Voice-activated devices

Find the the audio news you need for voice-activated devices. From cars to home entertainment systems, our news reports offer fresh content for a wide variety of internet-connected products.

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