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The perfect complement to your global video news service


Access Spanish and Arabic-language video content created by our dedicated regional specialists

AP’s regional video news services provide additional content from and of interest to audiences in those regions, enabling you to attract visitors and advertisers to your broadcast and digital platforms. Coverage is focused on the news events, politics, people, economy, lifestyle, culture and issues that matter most.

Unrivaled Arabic video service

Stay informed with a wide variety of regionally focused news stories, profiles, analysis and current affairs, plus human-interest stories reflecting the lives and livelihoods of people in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Unique content supports the full range of regional issues — politics, people, business, lifestyle, culture, tensions, but most of all — day to day life within a changing society
  • Stories are scripted in English and Arabic and produced by a dedicated editorial team located throughout the region
APTOPIX Britain Saudi Arabia

Unmatched Spanish coverage

Enhance your digital platforms with a range of consumer-ready Spanish-language video. Report on stories of regional interest and access user-generated content sourced and verified by AP’s expert journalists.

  • Inform your audience with fast, accurate and relevant content, including the top stories of the day, culture, technology and environmental news
  • Access 20 to 25 videos per week, each lasting around two minutes and featuring a professional voice-over or onscreen annotation with Spanish script information and lower-third graphics.
APTOPIX Spain International Women’s Day

The perfect complement to your global video news service

Local expertise

AP has staff located throughout the Middle East and a bureau in every major country in South America. Our Spanish news service has been in production since 1952.

News innovation

We constantly invest in tools that support speed and accuracy in our reporting, including artificial intelligence, automation and bespoke editorial planning solutions.

Depth of content

We cover a variety of regional-interest news, sport, entertainment, and lifestyle stories, from red-carpet arrivals to consumer technology launches and cultural events.

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