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Sports fans need more than just the scores. Our sports journalists deliver comprehensive reporting and content to satisfy even the most passionate fans, from exclusive interviews to in-depth data, for sports across the world.

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Get the inside scoop from sidelines and training grounds around the world. Our experienced reporters attend practices and games every day, forming relationships with players, coaches and owners to get the insight fans crave. No other news media organization covers more major sporting events in person.

Philadelphia Eagles safety Rodney McLeod (23) celebrates with fans

Expert coverage of major U.S. leagues

No one knows more about the NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB and NWSL than we do, with reporters at every event and game. We provide in-depth coverage and analysis of audiences' favorite teams, athletes and sports that sidelines the competition. Our coverage of college sports includes men's and women's college basketball, college football and the marquee AP Top 25 polls for football and basketball.

Your world class sports video partner

sntv is a partnership between AP and IMG, and provides a unique blend of quality sports action and global sports video news in the correct format and timeframe for broadcasters and digital publishers.

sntv has relationships with over 200 sporting federations covering over 40 sports, creating over 76 unique videos per day and over 30,000 stories per year.

Examples of this year’s sports coverage include:


Australian Open (Jan. 16-29)
FIH Hockey World Cup (Jan. 13-29)
Winter X Games XXVII (Jan. 27-29)


FIFA Club World Cup (Feb. 1-11)
Six Nations (Feb. 4 - March 18)
NFL Super Bowl LVII (Feb. 12)


BNP Paribas Open (March 8-19)
World Baseball Classic (March 8-21)
March Madness (March 14 - April 3)


The Masters Tournament (April 6-9)
Boston Marathon (April 17)
NFL Draft (April 27-29)


PGA Championship (May 18-21)
Indianapolis 500 (May 28)
French Open (May 28 - June 11)


NBA Finals
UEFA Champions League Final (June 10)
U.S. Open (June 15-18)


Tour de France (July 1-23)
Wimbledon Championships (July 3-16)
FIFA Women’s World Cup (July 20 - Aug. 20)


Swimming World Championships (Aug. 2-11)
World Athletics Championships (Aug. 19-27)
FIBA Basketball World Cup (Aug. 25 - Sept. 10)


Rugby World Cup (Sept. 8 - Oct. 28)
Asian Games (Sept. 23 - Oct. 8)
Ryder Cup (Sept. 25 - Oct. 1)

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Elevate your coverage with sports content that includes:


International soccer leagues and events including the English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League and FIFA World Cup.


Every cricket international, including the World Cup and Ashes series.

Pro Football


Pro Basketball

NBA and selected WNBA.

Auto Racing

NASCAR, Formula One Grand Prix, and selected IndyCar.


All majors, PGA tour stops and selected tournaments.


All Olympic events and most national and international qualifying events.


Major League Baseball, including spring training, all regular-season and post-season games. Top 25 men’s college baseball.


All majors and selected tour stops.


Major international championships.

College Basketball

Top 25 ranked Men’s Division 1 and top 5 ranked Women’s Division 1.

College Football

SEC and top 25 ranked Men’s Division 1.




World Ski Championships and International Ski Federation events.

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