Benefits of using AP for Elections

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How AP’s ELECTION SERVICES ENHANCE trust and engagement

We work with you to help deliver timely, trustworthy content, setting your reporting apart.

  • Accurate

    AP’s multi-faceted data collection methodology enables fast and reliable election results.


    Every piece of data leaving AP’s election API is accompanied by a digital handshake, allowing you to trust that it originates directly from us.


    As a fully independent, nonpartisan entity dedicated to fact-based reporting, AP safeguards against inaccuracies, bias, and controversy, ensuring the integrity of the information you receive.


    Exclusive support channels offer dedicated, real-time, and proactive communication on election nights, guaranteeing expert assistance that keeps you ahead of the curve.


    Work with the definitive source of U.S. election results and polling data for more than 175 years.


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