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Chambers TV stations in Oregon connect via AP ENPS

Two Chambers Communications TV stations in Oregon are now producing their news on AP ENPS. KEZI-TV in Eugene and KDRV-TV in Medford are connected as one virtual newsroom to allow for collaboration and content sharing, made easy with AP ENPS.

The news staffs at both stations are using ENPS Mobile for accessing AP ENPS from the field to write scripts and to utilize other functions of their new news system. They are also using the Tablet Story Viewer to read scripts on the set.

“Newsrooms in our station group sit hundreds of miles apart, but ENPS has given us a workflow that allows anchors, reporters and producers at different stations to work together almost as if they are all sitting in the same room,” said Chambers Vice President of News and Programming Mark Hatfield. “The speed and ease with which we are able to collaborate across markets is amazing.”

Hatfield added: “The team from AP made our switch to ENPS seamless. The training that our journalists received and the integration process to the new platform was outstanding. We only wish we had made the change to ENPS sooner.”

“The two Chambers stations are an excellent example of how AP ENPS enhances collaboration between multiple locations,” said Lee Perryman, director of AP ENPS. “KEZI and KDRV can view each station’s content and share it by simply dragging and dropping from one location to the other.”

AP ENPS produces more than half of the world’s broadcast news every day, used by more than 60,000 journalists.


Paul Colford
Director of Media Relations
The Associated Press

Erin Madigan White
Media Relations Manager
The Associated Press

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