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AP Video Hub wins 2014 Chairman’s Prize

The team behind The Associated Press' market-leading video delivery platform has won the Chairman's Prize, an honor bestowed by the cooperative for a transformational offering that benefits AP and the news industry it serves.

AP Video Hub, a project that grew from AP’s multimillion-dollar investment to transform its entire video business, has quickly become the industry standard and allowed new video customers – newspapers, corporations and digital organizations – to use AP raw video on their websites. The platform has helped retain members and customers who lack the sophisticated infrastructures previously required to offer video to their audiences.

Simple, innovative and customer-centric in design, it allows customers to buy content effortlessly using an innovative new business model. AP Video Hub is used now by market leaders in more than 50 countries from China to the United States.

“AP Video Hub has extended the audience for AP journalism while generating significant revenue to support our newsgathering mission and ambitions,” said AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt. “In two years, it’s become a truly global platform, and the market loves it. It has put a clear distance between AP and its video competition, and it’s gratifying to see the team recognized for this significant achievement.”

AP Video Hub continues to evolve, adding live coverage of breaking news, third-party and user-generated content.

The team representing AP Video Hub in its $20,000 award are Safia Azizi, platform curator, London; John Barrow, director of product design, New York; Sam Cohen, development director, Cranbury, New Jersey; Darren Long, head of international product delivery, London; and Paul Shanley, head of international products and partnerships, London.

The winners will be recognized tonight at a dinner in New York attended by the AP Board of Directors.


Paul Colford
Director of Media Relations
The Associated Press

Erin Madigan White
Senior Media Relations Manager
The Associated Press

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