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CCTV+ content added to AP Archive

The Associated Press is adding CCTV+ content to its AP Archive collection, making the Chinese broadcaster’s video available to an international audience and providing AP customers with access to political, economic and cultural content from China. AP Archive already represents some of the most extensive content collections from all over the world, including British Movietone and Celebrity Footage.

CCTV+ is the video news agency of China Central Television. It offers both Chinese news and a Chinese perspective on international news. The agreement with AP Archive will make CCTV+ content available to a wide range of customers, including broadcasters, film and documentary producers and commercial organizations.

“There has been a greater interest in news from China over the past few years,” said Alan Bradshaw, head of international archives for AP. “Having CCTV+ added to the AP Archive will open it up to a much wider audience and give our customers access to a different kind of content. We are already incredibly proud of our Archive collection but, as our customer base becomes increasingly diverse, we are always looking for new ways to add to it.”

“The news content of CCTV+ mirrors the development of China and Chinese perspectives on the world,” said Jiang Pengguo, head of sales and marketing for CCTV+. “It offers the global media the firsthand videos to report China in various aspects. We are always seeking and creating more ways to better serve the world media, and we believe the connection between CCTV+ and AP Archive creates another effective way for customers to get access to our news content.”

The AP Archive collection includes more than 1.7 million global news and entertainment video stories dating to 1895, sourced from AP’s own coverage and its content partners. Hours of new video footage are added daily along with coverage from AP’s global newsgathering network. In July 2015, AP Archive was launched on YouTube, bringing more than 1 million minutes of historical footage to the platform along with content partner British Movietone. The collection, across two channels, will be comprised of more than 550,000 videos dating from 1895 to present day. It is the largest upload of historical news content to YouTube to date.


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