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U.S. elections generate unprecedented international interest in AP Global Media Services

International media interest in the 2016 U.S. presidential election has hit unprecedented levels, with The Associated Press seeing a 20 percent increase in bookings for its live broadcast facilities at the Democratic and Republican national conventions compared to 2012, and a higher level of media interest sustained throughout the campaign.

AP’s Global Media Services offers live broadcast facilities that take international media into the heart of the campaign, providing unrivaled live shot locations and access for journalists from around the world with an eye toward audience expectations for live news feeds. 

On Nov. 8, global journalists can report from AP’s live positions at both the Clinton and Trump election night venues as well as from standup positions in Washington, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio. Uniquely, AP will also have a live standup position within its election center in New York City. 

With demand for these positions greater than at any previous U.S. presidential election, it is clear how intense the global media interest is in this year’s race to the White House. To support international journalists wanting to cover the presidential election, AP offers state-of-the-art live shot positions with stunning backdrops, multiformat playout facilities, and full editorial support for journalists who are often operating alone or with a very small production team. 

Andy Braddel, vice president of AP Global Media Services, said: “U.S. elections always attract international interest, but the 2016 campaign has surprised everyone. The intense nature of the political debate and rivalry, as well as the controversies surrounding both candidates has made it a must-see story. 

To ensure broadcasters from around the world can bring their viewers into the heart of the election night drama, we are offering unrivaled access and locations. Whether it is stunning backdrops of the White House or the New York skyline, or reporting from the two candidates’ election night venues, our clients will be in the middle of the action.”

Through its network of thousands across the U.S. counting the vote, AP provides the most reliable and accurate source of U.S. election results and information available anywhere in the world. In addition to election results, AP provides access to key dates, voting patterns, candidate profiles, historical data and campaign finance information.

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Lauren Easton
Media Relations Manager
The Associated Press

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