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AP Media Port upgrade makes discovering video easier than ever

The Associated Press today announced the release of a major upgrade to the user interface of AP Media Port, its file delivery platform for video content.

With a new responsive design, multibrowser compatibility and enhanced functionality, the improved user interface makes it easier and faster for AP customers to search, view and integrate AP video content into their production output.

The upgraded interface was designed in close collaboration with select AP customers and significantly improves the user experience through simplified navigation, enhanced filtering and a streamlined workflow.

Darren Long, AP’s director of international video platforms and delivery, said: “The new user experience on our Media Port delivery platform ensures rapid discovery and integration of AP’s global video content into our customers’ broadcast and digital services. This upgrade, designed in consultation with customers, underlines our commitment to continual improvement in our delivery platforms, enabling our customers to realize the expanding opportunities for the use of video content.”

The upgrade is currently underway with customers migrating over to the new interface in phases.


Lauren Easton
Director of Media Relations
The Associated Press

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The Associated Press — International inquiries
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