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Behind award-winning films, videos, music recordings, TV shows, live concerts, and news broadcasts are Avid solutions that help create, manage, store, distribute and monetize content. Several Avid products are fully integrated with ENPS to help support your production workflow. 


Avid NewsCutter

View stories and running orders located in ENPS through the Avid NewsCutter editing applications. The NRCS tool opens an ENPS session and displays all unfulfilled media ID’s for video packages from the MOS-enabled running order. By choosing a specific ID, NewsCutter automatically creates a sequence and bin with the corresponding media ID name to minimize any confusion or operator error.

Edit videos to match the script in both content and timing right from within the application, then send the clip to the playout server to save it with the assigned ID and trigger a "ready" status for display in the story slug in ENPS.

Avid Deko

Deko Select is a plug-in that tightly integrates the Avid Deko line of character generators, allowing users to visually preview and select graphics from the Deko Select Browser within ENPS, then drag and drop them into a story as MOS objects. Users can also add text, still images, or clips to a graphic template and preview how each graphic will air. Any Deko graphic can be used as a template for Deko Select.

In the control room, the Avid iNEWS Command Controller controls up to nine channels of Deko, in addition to AirSpeed video server channels and Thunder graphic production channels. Effects and clips are embedded in Deko templates so that the graphics air just as the art department intended. With Deko Select, you can easily manage multiple graphic looks to support different shows or channel branding without requiring any changes in the script. Quick changes can be made more easily with less chance of error.

Avid Maestro

The Avid Maestro plug-in is an ActiveX interface to graphics template that allows seamless integration of powerful real-time 3D graphics into the daily news workflow, including lower thirds, tickers, multi-screen video effects and more. 

The ActiveX interface allows users to browse graphic templates, fill in data manually or retrieve it from an external data source, then preview the graphic element including animation and updated elements. The graphic can then be inserted into an ENPS running order.

Running orders containing Maestro graphic elements can be sent to multiple Maestro stations where they can be reviewed, modified, and played manually or triggered by a news automation system. Maestro allows users to choose the running orders that will be used and can send the status of items in a received running order back to ENPS. 

Avid Thunder

The Thunder Select plug-in for content selection integrates seamlessly within ENPS and provides a window into the Thunder database from the journalist’s workstation in the newsroom. Users can create MOS objects that represent specific clips or stills into a story and preview the objects.

Thunder items in the ENPS running order go right into the Avid iNEWS Command sequence via the MOS protocol for channel trigger and playout. This is a dynamic sequence that reacts automatically to last-minute changes to the running order while it is playing on air, allowing the technical director to take the next item.

Avid iNews Command

Avid iNEWS Command automation-assist system provides automated running order lists, tracks script changes, and automates control of production and playback devices such as Avid AirSpeed, Avid Deko, and Avid Thunder. Its tight integration allows producers to change a show while it is on-air.

MOS objects representing video clips and graphics are imported from the ENPS running order and can be played back manually, linked with other events to “block play,” or played back automatically based on time of day. Mirrored playback initiates simultaneous playback on two channels with a single play command. The ability to embed a playlist within another playlist ensures seamless transitions between shows and segments that have been produced by separate editorial teams. Avid iNEWS Command system can be configured to eliminate a single point of failure.  

Supported AP ENPS workflows

Avid supports the following features in ENPS. 

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Automatic placeholder creation

ActiveX plug-in functionality

Channel assignment

Item status

Media awareness

MOS redirection

Running order control

Story send

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