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We're partnering with emerging businesses that offer solutions for the challenges of a fast-paced, ever-changing industry that can serve newsrooms of any size. Whether you're looking for new sources of unique content, deeper insights into that content or a streamlined workflow, we've got you covered.    

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Access authentic UGC

How SAM has shaped AP's workflow for UGC

“The SAM tool, now in the hands of AP journalists around the globe, has made AP’s UGC search and verification process more efficient by cutting down on duplicative work across the newsroom and greatly reducing the number of UGC tools our journalists need access to. SAM shows AP journalists and customers alike who is working on a piece of UGC and where in the process we are, from verification of content through to rights clearances. SAM also manages our UGC workflow from end to end, allowing our journalists to use just one tool for all parts of the process. SAM, in short, has revolutionized the way that AP works with UGC.”

Eric Carvin | Social media editor

Identify trends

How Newswhip helps AP analyze content

There's a reason we choose to partner with tools like Newswhip – because they work. Newswhip has helped us further evaluate our content in our own newsroom, so we know how valuable it could be for yours. Hear from Mark Davies about how NewsWhip helps his team activate on the newsworthy trends. 

Go live anywhere, anytime

How Bambuser has bolstered AP's live video coverage

“Bambuser is a 'first-strike' video tool for AP staff and stringers to film and send live footage from breaking news stories around the globe to our production hubs and social media platforms. 1,000 of our journalists are now armed with Bambuser's Iris app, which allows them to shoot real-time video on smartphones when they arrive at a news scene that can we can instantly syndicate to 450 broadcasters and hundreds of digital outlets.”

Sandy MacIntyre | VP, Director of global news video

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