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What is the best of the AP?

“The Best of AP” within the Associated Press (AP) signifies a commitment to journalistic excellence and integrity. As a renowned global news organization, the AP consistently strives for the highest standards in reporting, emphasizing accuracy, objectivity, and comprehensive coverage. “The Best of AP” encapsulates the pinnacle of journalistic achievements, showcasing the dedication of its reporters and photographers in delivering timely, reliable, and impactful news stories.

By upholding a tradition of excellence, the AP has become a trusted source for news consumers worldwide, providing a comprehensive and insightful perspective on the events shaping our world. “The Best of AP” is a testament to the organization’s unwavering pursuit of truth and its invaluable contribution to the field of journalism.

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Each week, The Associated Press awards $700 to the Best of the Week First WInner, and $300 to the Second Winner, for the news scoops or exclusives that did the most to enhance AP’s competitive position in the previous seven days.

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