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A division of The Associated Press that develops a variety of media projects in the form of original short films, documentaries, miniseries, podcasts, books and more.

Powering the future of original programming

As a production agency powered by facts and leveraged by our expansive archives, AP Productions is uniquely positioned to provide expertise by our intrepid global team of journalists and researchers who deliver accurate information.

Co-production and concept collaboration

From documentaries to scripted programming, we co-produce compelling content and offer a range of production support, from developing narrative storytelling and concepts to providing top producers to help manage projects.

Reporting, research and fact-checking

Access our expert journalists, who have witnessed and reported on the historic events that shaped our world. Our research capabilities include checking facts and identifying sources for a specific story, through to clearing rights for key video, text and image assets for use in productions. We verify all data points, source materials and participant opinions presented within the project.

Exclusive multimedia content

License media assets from our extensive image and video archive, which provides a one-stop shop of over 34 million photos and 1.9 million videos, as well as text stories dating back to 1846. AP’s newsgathering adds a further 1 million photos and 70,000 video edits every year.

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Our work

Browse our catalog of original documentaries, podcasts and books.

The World Up Close


From wars to elections, from sporting events to demands for equality that change lives, the AP brand is always a reflection of one of our oldest sayings: Get it first — but first, get it right.

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Revolution In Iran


A four part mini-series marking 40 years since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, when 2,500 years of monarchy gave way to a Shiite Muslim-led theocracy.

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Lunar Muse


Five part mini-series that explores the ways in which the moon and the cosmos have long captured the popular imagination.

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The Manson Notes


Fifty years after the Tate-LaBianca murders, AP reporter Linda Deutsch revisits her notes, recalling a slice of American history known for its ghastly violence.

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Eyewitness to Execution


AP reporter Michael Graczyk has witnessed more than 400 executions in Texas, the nation’s busiest capital punishment state.

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The Fight for New York


The Associated Press fanned out across New York City, following residents for 24 hours as they try to survive - and do their part - to save a city under siege by a pandemic.

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Cuba In Transition


Three part mini-documentary on a changing Cuba and establishment of AP’s bureau within its borders.

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Lessons of Woodstock


This mini-film explains how Woodstock was the music festival that has defined music festivals ever since.

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Caravan From Above


AP drone footage shows Central American migrants heading north through Mexico.

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Echoes of MLK


Five part mini-series that examines the resounding impact of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on America and the world.

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What Can Be Saved?


An environmental series about how ordinary people and scientists are working to restore ecosystems and species in a world damaged by climate change. Produced by the Associated Press with support by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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Liberation Heroes: The Last Eyewitnesses


Heroic veterans share their remarkable WWII stories of liberation. Produced by Andy Friendly Productions and The Shoah Foundation with photographic/video contributions by The Associated Press.

Winner of the Impact Docs “Best of Show” award and the Sedona International Film Festival “Audience Choice” award.

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AP Top 25


Host Ralph Russo tackles on and off-field issues of the sport with an insider look into the AP Poll.

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AP Books


New and upcoming books from The Associated Press featuring stories and reports about the events, people and ideas that have shaped our world.

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Meet the team

Get to know the people who work on telling the AP related stories that matter most.

Michael Fabiano

Vice President & General Manager, Americas Media

Michael launched AP Productions in 2018 with the intent of developing original film, documentaries, miniseries and other projects based on stories reported by AP journalists.

His background includes identifying digital strategies and developing strategic partnerships with leaders in the industry.

Jaime Holguin

Director of Original Programming, Digital News Production

Jaime is a multifaceted journalist with more than 20 years of experience in reporting, news management, video/audio production and digital newsroom innovation.

He is building on AP’s reputation to become a go-to resource for film production companies, streaming platforms and podcasters to create impactful original programming.

Ted Anthony

Director, New Storytelling and Newsroom Innovation

Ted’s storytelling ability expands over three decades with a vast majority of it for The Associated Press.

His favorite kind of stories are about everyday things that connect unexpectedly, and about how the most insignificant details in our surroundings can, when highlighted, turn out to mean everything.

Peter Costanzo

Director of Programming, Americas Media

Peter is responsible for managing media partnerships at The Associated Press. His expertise lies in the area of identifying content worthy stories and revealing the creative pulse that moves the narrative forward.

His detailed skills apply to all projects under consideration by AP Productions.

Sara Trohanis

Vice President, National and LatAm Markets and Major Accounts

Sara Trohanis is responsible for leading sales strategy, programming development and cross-functional revenue teams in North America and Latin America.

She is responsible for helping to define, develop and execute go-to-market plans for AP products, services and technologies for the National, Latin America and U.S. Hispanic markets.

Cliff Decatrel

Director of Business Development, AP Productions

Cliff Decatrel brings more than 25 years of expertise in television, film, news, digital and advertising.

He believes in the power of working closely with clients and partners to help identify the most compelling content to tell their stories effectively.

Howie Rumberg

Deputy Sports Editor

Howie has been with the AP for 20 years as a multiformat journalist and news manager. For the 2018 Winter Olympics, he produced a 25-episode, mini-documentary series based on athletes, which went on to receive more than 2.5 million views on twitter. He has been at the forefront of AP’s innovative efforts to expand the scope of its storytelling in the digital age by bringing video production and podcasting to the Sports department.

Lyndsey Regis

Business Coordinator, Americas Media

Lyndsey manages the projects for the Americas Media and AP Productions teams.

She works closely with all team members to ensure consistent delivery and collaboration for all media. She merges effortless communication with project management, which helps streamline all efforts to ensure projects receive the highest level of attention.

Trenton Daniel

Producer, Digital News

Trenton Daniel is a New York-based journalist with more than 20 years of experience. Trenton has worked as a beat reporter and a foreign correspondent. At The Associated Press, he has produced a string of mini-docs that draw on archival footage and original interviews to illuminate historic events. Before joining AP in 2011, Trenton was a staff writer at The Miami Herald for almost eight years and was part of a Pulitzer Prize finalist team for its coverage of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

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