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Partner with us to grow your business and expand your reach. Benefit from our global distribution network, comprehensive content and innovative tools to increase engagement with your brand and stay ahead of the competition.

Our partnership opportunities

We offer many ways to collaborate from content distribution to technology and innovation partners

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Content distribution

Connect with a ready-made global audience of publishers, news portals, agencies, broadcasters and production companies. As one of the largest media distribution platforms in the world, we work with content producers to further their reach via our network, targeting distribution to a state, regional, national or global level.

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Media tools and technology

Collaborate with us to develop the next wave of newsroom technology. As a global news provider, we are uniquely positioned to drive advancement and adoption of new newsroom technologies throughout our member and customer network. We’re developing innovative ways for news organizations to better report, publish, measure and track their own content.

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Data and cognitive computing

We work with technology, financial and media companies to create new-to-market content applications, indexes and databases, including the launch of the first-ever municipal bond index based on independently aggregated market data and a rules-based system, which will track market activity and direction.

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Future-facing storytelling

Our mission has always been to inform the world. To tell the story of the day, we look to the latest technologies to connect with audiences and bring them closer to the news experience. We’re exploring virtual reality, augmented reality, drone reporting and new methods of newsgathering and distribution via the latest social platforms.

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Archival and news content sponsorship

Increase brand awareness and drive revenue by sponsoring film and digital productions. With our comprehensive archive of stories, images and footage, we work with leading production and publishing companies to create and distribute unique e-books, documentaries and other creative applications.

A common goal: Media, universities and mission-driven foundations

Media organizations, universities and mission-driven foundations are dedicated to informing the public and spreading fact-based information. How do these groups come together to further their common cause?

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