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Access headlines from red carpets to stock markets, stadiums to elections

Our global network of journalists in the field deliver content across an extensive range of subjects. Be it a political event or local sports game, our journalists are there to report all the world’s stories, wherever they are, whatever your audience’s interests may be.

Protesters in Egypt

Breaking News

Deliver news as it happens, wherever there's a story to be told. Our journalists deliver in-depth reporting with the excellence and integrity that has earned us over 56 Pulitzer Prizes since 1922.

Colombia Copa America Trophy


Go beyond the box score with detailed commentary and behind-the-scenes insights from locker rooms and press boxes around the world.

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Keep your audience up to date on the people and events that shape the political landscape. We fight for access and transparency to report the stories no one else can.

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Business and Finance

Provide insight into the companies, financial markets and trends impacting the economy. Our global network of reporters tackle major industries such as energy, technology, travel and retail.

Ariana Grande performing


Take fans on set and behind the scenes with the latest in film, television, music and theater.

fashion runway


Appeal to the travelers, chefs and fashionistas in your audience with features, tips and coverage of current industry trends.

Mandaean religious sect followers perform rituals

Religion and Faith

Explore fast, accurate and balanced coverage of religions and faiths from the world over. AP's non-secular journalism initiative brings you the latest news, data, insights and analysis.

Northern Lights over Bifrost, Western Iceland


Show your audience how science affects their everyday surroundings with coverage across climate change, research, space exploration, biology and more. 

Syringe with CBD oil


Access dynamic global coverage of medicine and health and engage your audiences with content series, features and breaking news reporting across all formats.


Webinar: How to use artificial intelligence in your newsroom

See examples of how AP is deploying artificial intelligence and learn how journalists can take advantage of existing technology to start automating and augmenting their own reporting.

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