Since 1846, The Associated Press has been the definitive source for news from around the world, as AP journalists report the facts with speed, accuracy and impartiality. AP Explore aims to showcase the work of these men and women, and our dedication to informing the world.

AP Explore is a collection of interactive experiences created to shed light on AP’s newsgathering process throughout its history as preserved by the AP Corporate Archives, established in 2003. Each installment draws from our extensive collection of multiformat content, including text, photos and video. By telling the stories behind some of the most important news events in our history, we underscore our commitment to the freedom of the press.

The Associated Press was created nearly 170 years ago to more efficiently gather news and information. From a pony express carrying news from Mexico to the teletype, satellite and now smartphones, technology has always been integral to the AP mission. However, it remains our dedication to unbiased journalism that sets us apart. AP Explore honors the men and women who have furthered the AP’s mission since the start.

In an increasingly complex world, AP journalists still uphold this mission today, taking risks in order to deliver the news. On any given day, AP news is consumed by nearly three and a half billion people — more than half the world’s population.

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