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AP analysis finds most states falling short on virus testing


Nicky Forster, health and science data journalist, New York; Matthew Perrone, medical writer, Washington: Christina Cassidy, state government reporter, Atlanta; and Jason Dearen, investigative reporter, Gainesville, Florida, analyzed data showing that most states are not meeting the minimum level of coronavirus testing suggested by the U.S. government. In the absence of comprehensive federal data, AP calculated the monthly testing rate for each state, along with a separate review by AP state reporters, to find that only 40% of states currently meet the Trump administration’s testing threshold. Those that don’t include several that have been moving quickly to reopen their economies, such as Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas. Additionally, more than half of states are not testing their populations at the higher daily rate recommended by the Harvard University’s team, including the hot spots of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

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President Donald Trump, left, hands a swab that could be used in coronavirus testing to Vice President Mike Pence during a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House, April 19, 2020. – AP Photo / Patrick Semansky
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